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Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions recognises the increasing need for IT specialists, for the expanding information technology industry – making its way into every aspect of businesses and other trades. We offer premium offshore staffing to cater to your IT needs, with experts ranging from an IT help desk, website development, multimedia artist, quality assurance, and website design. As technology climbs to greater heights, so does the necessity for people needed to maintain, design, and further innovate the industry. Having a competent IT team to support you increases your company’s efficiency in doing what you do best! [Read more…]

Choosing to employ an IT outsourcing support in the Philippines comes with several benefits. Outsourcing in general levels the playing field between small to medium enterprises and larger scale businesses – an offshore staff increases productivity while improving cash flow through reduced costs and higher revenues.

On average, onshore IT services can cost up to three times more than outsourcing. For the same budget, you can hire a larger staff through DBOS and accomplish tasks faster. Small to medium enterprises try to make do with just a small number of employees manning their operations, limiting the amount of work they can finish on a given amount of time. DBOS aims to change the perception that outsourcing is exclusively for large corporations by offering affordable rates and a wide variety of outsourced services.

In addition, outsourcing IT services to the Philippines through DBOS reduces expenses on other fronts besides wage costs. Instead of spending more resources on allocating additional office space, buying the latest hardware and expensive software and providing onshore staff with other essential facilities. With DBOS, all you have to do is pay a fixed seat fee and a one time set-up fee in order to get your offshore staff ready. Your success is our success, which is why we are invested in your growth as a company.


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