Back Office Functions You Should Delegate Today

By Justine Gado | Sep 04, 2019

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Outsourcing is never-changing, but what and why companies do it is what changed the most. Companies nowadays only wanted to be ahead of their competitors which are in contradiction to Deloitte’s report that the top reason is to cut costs.

As we are in the phase of innovation, all manual tasks can be quickly finished resulting in higher productivity. A report from the Market Research Future concluded that the global BPO market will continuously grow by 11 per cent until 2023. And it is because of innovative outsourcing. This upgrade even made the tedious back-office functions more manageable and easier to accomplish. However, those tasks should still be outsourced to spend more time on the company’s core competency. See which back-office functions you should delegate today:

Accounting and payroll

Handling company finances is a very particular task that could eat up all of your time. What more when you have to keep invoicing a client who doesn’t pay up to date? Well, everybody wants to get paid but only a few are willing to take on the legwork because it is definitely time-consuming. However, when you choose to outsource your accounting and payroll, you’ll be saving a lot of money and time. And if you think that outsourcing your payroll would put your finances at risk, you’re definitely mistaken. Delegating this process to a trusted company that prioritises electronic security actually decreases the chance of cyber theft.


Acquiring talents up to the actual onboarding of new hires is a very long process. Except for the recruitment costs that kept on piling up, the eye for a good hire could only be done by a professional. So stop wasting time trying to find the right staff and let an expert handle the task for you. Not only will you be saving huge recruitment costs, but also maximising the time to grow your business.

Data processing

Detail-oriented tasks like data processing or data entry require strict attention. Due to the repetitive nature of inputting, organising, and cataloguing of data, it is also time-consuming. Now, if you choose to outsource your data processing, your time will solely be for your business. Thus, you can make better strategies for the growth of your business.

Among the countries that can confidently provide these back-office outsourcing services are the Philippines. As one of the world leaders in the BPO industry, the country is home to thousands of foreign outsourcing companies. One of them is DBOS, a fast-growing Australian-owned offshore staffing company that not only can save your business by up to 70%  on your wage and operational costs, but also can guarantee your ROI.

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