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4 Things that Startup Entrepreneurs Should Do

Establishing a successful startup business comes with numerous challenges. It starts with financing up to finding the right space to rent for the office. However, these are not everything that startup entrepreneurs encounter.

According to a joint survey carried out by CoFounder magazine and ArcticStartup, 37% of startup founders believe that the biggest obstacle when creating a company is finding the right people to help run the business.

Meanwhile, some startup entrepreneurs refuse to share their responsibilities with other people. They are uncomfortable with the idea of giving other people the authority to run their business and is afraid of losing the overall control. But, it doesn’t work like that. It is almost impossible to handle everything on your own if you’re planning on growing your business. And that’s why some businesses chase the most cost-effective yet, high-quality option – outsourcing or offshore staffing in the Philippines.

Now to help you better manage your business, here are a few important things that startup entrepreneurs should do:

1. Get an outside perspective on your audits.

It is better to get an outsider’s perspective to avoid biased audits on your business expenditures. A certified practising accountant (CPA) that is in no way related to you or your business would be a good choice.

The goal of getting an expert’s opinion on your overheads is to double check if you missed a crucial part on your own audit. During the practice, the expert might see miscalculations and come up with ways to improve your processes.

2. Trust your team.

Employees are hired for their specialties and skills, so let them do what they do best – their jobs. Stop checking on your team and trust them to fulfil their roles. Doing so goes to show that you have the utmost faith in them.

Trust is a very risky word but also a solid foundation for a sturdy relationship. Showing them your confidence in their abilities creates a huge impact on their overall performance.

And while leadership is very much important in running a business, you certainly cannot function without your people. So building a strong relationship with your team is definitely essential.

3. Don’t stray far from your goal.

Always remind yourself of your initial goal. Focus on the company’s big picture and don’t get distracted by the “maybes”. Be clear of your overall business plan and don’t stray away from it. Create a schedule to make sure that your team stays on track towards achieving the main objective of your company.

4. Delegate your non-core tasks.

Doing every task on your own could exhaust you completely without even accomplishing your most important function. Lift off few of the burden on your shoulders and delegate some of your tasks to an expert. Do not tire yourself out with the roles that you can easily assign to someone who does it better.

Outsourcing could be a critical turning point in your business so you should choose carefully. You can consult a reputable offshore staffing company to help you handle all your outsourcing concerns.

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4 Tasks That Entrepreneurs Should Consider Outsourcing

Entrepreneurs always have a lot on their plates but so little time to do all. They envision hundreds of ways to make the business successful but can’t solely focus on it. That’s why the most well-known brands considered outsourcing to vendors who specialise on those tasks for a cheaper price.

In terms of outsourcing to other countries, it is not a myth that the BPO industry in the Philippines remains one of the most successful in the world. Currently, the country employs over 1.2 million employees in contact centres, including various back-office roles.

As technology evolves, it also creates better opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs to connect with each other. Hence, making communication easier to achieve and lessening the gap between countries.

Now, a lot of foreign countries including Australia as the 2nd largest market of the Philippine BPO industry continue to flourish. Here are some of the most important tasks that they outsource in the Philippines:


1. Accounting and taxes.

Keeping your books in order will eat up all your time especially if it is not something you really do. For you to be able to focus on making your business even bigger, you need to hire a reputable person to handle all your taxes. Employ a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) who can help properly organise your finances. It is better to let an expert do what he does best for a good price.

2. Writing and social media.

With the inevitable rise of technology, writing and social media suddenly came together as a package. So a professional writer is what you’ll need if you want high-quality contents such as a blog post, SEO-optimised website content, and other written marketing materials. Even social media content for businesses should be strategised today before being posted online.

3. Graphic design and web development.

Most businesses nowadays increase their online visibility by creating their own websites. The number 1 rule: it should be as pleasing to the eyes as possible, as it is with the overall user experience. So, to build an online branding for your business, increase its online visibility, and turn potential customers into clients, you will need a professional graphic designer and web developer.

4. Administrative assistance.

If you are already swamped with numerous emails and can’t go through them all, maybe you can use the help of an outsourced virtual assistant. VAs are capable of doing a lot of stuff including clerical and secretarial duties. They can organise your schedule and keep your appointments in-check. Aside from these, VAs are now capable of doing research, prepare presentations, manage your social media accounts, and a lot more.

Learn more about virtual assistants here.

As the owner of a startup business, you should know that your time is gold. Wasting a minute of your precious time could cost your business a huge sum of money. The best move to avoid such a scenario would be to delegate tasks to people who specialise on each field. Outsourcing is the first and foremost solution to the dilemma. So to prevent this from happening, you should wisely choose a reputable outsourcing company to give you quality output for a reasonable price.

We here at DBOS work hard towards our client’s goals. For us, success is not an impossible feat as long as put your heart into it. So if you’re in dire need of an expert for a certain service that you offer, you can always contact DBOS for a FREE consultation today!

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Outsourced Telemarketing VS In-house

Of all marketing strategies, telemarketing is the most considered as a black sheep. One, because it doesn’t seem to be effective enough to generate sales, unlike other marketing strategies. It is when outsourced telemarketing was introduced that things have changed.

Almost everyone can surely relay a story about receiving an unsolicited call from someone who sells a product or offers a service that they don’t know about. And whether we believe it or not, studies show that telemarketing remains effective up until this day.

Call centres continue to boom and telesales outsourcing carry on taking great strides towards making an impact in the marketing world.

On top of that, there are ongoing discussions about which is better? In-house or outsourced?

Telemarketing: Better in-house or outsourced?

Creating an effective B2B telesales campaign is not easy. The strategies should be executed well by motivated, dedicated, highly-trained staff to be successful.

But wisely choosing between in-house or outsourced telesales will make a huge difference to your telemarketing strategy.

Respectably, both in-house and outsourced telemarketing has its own advantages and disadvantages. They have a fair share of similarities and differences that easily distinguish them from each other.

Let’s identify some of their differences on the infographic below:

outsourced telemarketing

After knowing a few of the differences between outsourced telemarketing and in-house, evaluating comes next. Then, carefully choose which of the two will be best for your business.

Which is better according to the experts?

Telesales outsourcing remains to be a better choice according to business experts and consultants. Being it cost-effective is the number one reason. Next is because it produces more leads and sales. This kind of marketing strategy also allows you to focus more on the important aspects of your business.

The only obstacle in choosing telesales outsourcing is to find a reliable and effective telemarketing agency who has deep experience in telesales. And if you found a capable agency that can handle your telemarketing services well, get ready for new leads and clients.

Now, keeping up with leads, seeking more, and making sure that the business is running smoothly would be easier with an outsourced telemarketer.

We at DBOS make sure that you get the outsourced telemarketer that would best fit your needs. For more information, contact DBOS for a FREE consultation today!

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5 Skills That Makes a Good Customer Service Representative 

Good customer service requires more than just the fluency to communicate with the clients.

There are a lot of reports about companies who provide bad customer service. Now, if you want to be different, see these 5 excellent skills that make a good customer service representative:

Skill #1. Patience

Every now and then, you’ll inevitably come across with difficult clients who will test the extent of your patience. If you’re dealing with customers every day, make sure to be extra patient. Avoid easily getting pissed and practice effective breathing exercises that’ll help clear your head and be more composed while talking to clients.

Derek Sivers explained that quality service always beats fast service. He emphasized the importance of better understanding the client’s enquiries and needs than getting all worked up.

Take time to figure out what help they might need and then calmly assist them in solving their reason for calling. Be the level-headed person between the two of you and provide them with answers. Make sure to let them know that you are more than willing to help on whichever matter they are dealing with. At the end of the day, you never know how much customers appreciate good customer service.

Skill #2. Knowledge of the product or service

The best customer service representative has a deep understanding of the product or service that the company offers. If they are not well-informed about it’s every nook and cranny, how will they help the client about its many enquiries?

More than anyone in the company, the customer representative should know the service offered from the front to the back. It is the only way to make sure that they can attend to every client’s concern without a hitch.

Skill #3. Clear communication

To achieve clear communication between the company and customers, the agents should have a clear voice. In addition to that, an agent should be cautious about the words they use to avoid any misunderstanding with the client. By doing so, will eventually help you to stay away from bad circumstances.

Mimicking the customer’s tone and language is one way to communicate clearly because it shows that you understand and acknowledge their issue. It helps in creating rapport and establishing a better relationship between the client and the agent. Thus, marking it as a great call.

Skill #4. Empathy

Another requirement that makes a good customer service representative is the ability to empathise with the client. Empathy is a character trait that can be improved and learned upon. To understand the client’s dilemma and share their feelings would make a great impact on the customer as they will perceive the agent to be caring.

For instance, the client’s concern regarding your service has no hope and it is clear that they are at fault. Now, the client was asking you on what can they do to refund the certain service but you know that there’s no solution. The client was old and is clearly upset. But because of your empathy, you feel the client’s dilemma and you’re trying to calmly make them understand that there’s nothing else that you could do.

The ability to empathise gives the agent an automatic gentle voice while relaying the message. And thus, making it a great skill as a customer service representative.

Skill #5. Goal-oriented focus

One of the vital customer service skills that a company has been looking for is the goal-oriented focus. Aside from giving heart-warming customer service, agents also have numbered goals that they need to fulfil.

Business goals + customer happiness can go hand-in-hand without resulting in poor service. Thus, agents should be comfortable in achieving both.

If you’re looking for highly trainable customer service representatives, choose DBOS today! Aside from our dedicated and experienced agents, you can also check out our reliable offshore back office services. 

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3 Common Outsourcing Myths Disproved

Various controversies are revolving around the outsourcing industry. As a business owner, you should be aware of these popular outsourcing myths before getting your business involved.

This article will help shed some light regarding these issues.

The truth about these outsourcing myths?

Various write-ups and articles were written to address the most known myths that have been circulating for a few years. However, there are still doubts and confusions that stop other businesses to fully trust in the power of outsourcing.

It was decades ago when the outsourcing industry was first introduced in the business world. And just like any other strategy, it did not gain its sheer popularity overnight. As recorded, it took a lot of trial and errors, as well as thousands of risks to reach where it is today.

For those individuals and businesses who believed that outsourcing would one day change the world, they’ve been right all along. It has shaped numerous economies, strengthens some struggling businesses, and even helped expand the infamous small and medium companies.

Read the brief history of outsourcing here.

Myth #1. Outsourcing means offshoring

In a few instances, outsourcing and offshoring could be used interchangeably. However, they are not the same!

Outsourcing as defined by Investopedia is the business practice of hiring a party outside a company to perform services or create goods. Thus, it means delegating your non-core functions to another company but could be in the same area or country. On the other hand, offshoring means moving various operations of a company to another country. These foreign companies usually choose to outsource in developing countries as their cost of living is so much cheaper than in their own countries.

Myth #2. Outsourcing delivers poor quality output

Another worry that comes with outsourcing is the fear of not being able to fully take charge of the whole process, and thus posing a threat to quality. The catch is, outsourcing can also give you a chance to increase the quality of your service. As outsourcing companies are good at eyeing talents, they also get to choose the most plausible candidates from a huge pool of applicants. They will pick the best applicants that are most suitable for the position and its description, then it’ll be your choice to employ the candidate if you’re satisfied with their credentials. Always remember that the final decision before the hiring process will always be yours.

Now, all you have to do is find a reliable outsourcing partner that will meet your expectations. But before that, you should explore all other third-party providers with excellent feedback and background to help handle your outsourced services.

Myth #3. Outsourcing will soon fade out

In contrary to the knowledge that outsourcing will quickly fade out, the industry still shows no sign of slowing down. The latest studies proved that outsourcing could not be easily tamed and it will continue to grow over time.

Both big and small companies still rely on outsourcing to handle their non-core services. Even numerous successful companies opt to delegate some of their services with other providers to save money and time.

In other words, outsourcing is not just a simple strategy to lessen company costs. Those businesses who rely on outsourcing to deliver more quality outputs have long proven how outsourcing became of huge help in expanding their companies.

Outsourcing has been used in all fields of businesses for decades. It aided small companies in developing their businesses and strengthening reputations in the field. Big opportunities were also given to unemployed individuals, as well as brought struggling economies to a stagnant state. It has helped people and nations to rebuild their crumbling personas, and so the possibility of it fading is just a mere guess.

The only time you can fully set aside those outsourcing myths is when you’ve completely changed your perspective about offshoring and outsourcing. Only if you would look on the other side of the coin will you realise that choosing offshore back office services than personally doing menial tasks would be absolutely beneficial for your business.

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Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing services are the heart of every business nowadays. It plays the most important parts which are; promoting the business, building the reputation, and generating sales. To achieve such, a successful marketing strategy is necessary. Now, there are a lot of effective marketing strategies that work for different ventures. However, each one of them is distinctively made per respective field of expertise.

Some small and medium businesses worries about employing an in-house marketing team to promote their services. First, because it is quite expensive. Second, because they doubt its effectiveness.

Nonetheless, there is a better option to amplify the growth of your business – it is called outsourcing. But before jumping into the den, remember to smartly weigh your options first.

To help you decide whether or not to outsource your marketing services, here is a list of pros and cons:

PRO #1: Cost-saving

Outsourcing your whole marketing team can be quite a bit of stretch especially on your budget. But in comparison with keeping an in-house team, outsourcing can really help lessen your spending. You no longer have to worry about renting a space for your team, buying the necessary equipment that they need, and purchasing software and other tools for their digital expedition.

There are numerous reliable offshore companies who can handle everything on your behalf. And for these services, offshoring rather than outsourcing is highly recommended. Several factors including the cost of living is a huge determinant that also affects the expenses for a business. This is exactly why foreign companies, most especially from America and Australia choose to offshore almost all of their services to developing countries.

CON #1: Risk of not being cost-effective

There is a common misconception that when you pay a smaller amount, the service would automatically be unsatisfying. Although true in some cases, it doesn’t apply to basically everything else.

However, wisely choosing an experienced digital marketing partner is the most crucial part. Do intensive research, explore your options or ask for recommendations of the best performing outsourcing companies. Also, do not forget to check feedbacks, past projects and the specialization of your candidate company. Ask them for assistance and do the negotiations afterwards.

Numerous outsourcing companies have been coming out everywhere. To be able to expand their business, these companies are prepared to get competitive as to produce more quality outputs and leave good impressions on their clients.

PRO #2: Guaranteed expertise

When you’ve chosen to offshore digital marketing services, the most important thing is to look for a company who can translate your “next big idea” into an actionable plan. To guarantee that your offshore team will only be composed of experts in the field, you can include a certain number of years on your requirements list. This being done would make easier for your outsourcing partner to screen only the experienced people in the field. It could also assure the quality output that you’ve been aiming for.

If you found the right team who can productively aid your marketing efforts, it will only be a matter of time until it pays off.

CON #2: Possibility of incompetence

Since an outsourced marketing team works outside of your radar, you can’t help but feel a little doubtful about their level of competence. Now, this is where trust lies. When choosing where to outsource your marketing team, always remember to check for the most recent client feedbacks. If proven competitive enough to your liking, closely monitor their activities via Skype and ask for reports at the end of the day to keep track with their progress. Constant communication could also assure that you’ve chosen the right people for your digital marketing services.

Learn more about the importance of offshore online marketing and how it will aid your business to success.

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Front Office vs Back Office Industry

In a traditional BPO setting, the services are usually segmented into two: the front office and the back office industry.

From both its root words, “front” and “back”, the front office refers to the staff which have worked with clients upfront. On the other hand, the back office refers to the staff providing support and works behind-the-scenes.

What is the front office?

The front office represents the customer-facing function of a company. It is composed of a special bunch of individuals who possess diverse skills with people and communication. They directly deal with clients every day and handle other services such as:

  • Marketing your services
  • Meeting with clients
  • Building relationships with clients
  • Screening and interviewing candidates

Why is it important?

Just like any other position in the company, the front office people play an essential role that nobody else could take over.

What is the back office?

The back office is consist of people who work behind-the-scenes. In a regular BPO company, the back office industry is still booming. It remains at constant demand because of its effectiveness and is also mostly empowered by the outsourcing sector.

Here are a few back-office services you can refer to:

  • Data entry
  • Content writing
  • IT services
  • Human resources
  • Digital marketing
  • Call centre agents, etc.

Front vs Back Office

These two are both important. They come in pair and surely, one cannot function without the other. However, there remain numerous key differences between the two.

Here are their top 8 distinctions:

back office industry

Although with contrasting roles and involvement in the company’s resources, each one provides a vital contribution to business growth. Both are also available for outsourcing. However, back office services are more likely outsourced than the other.

Businesses from different sectors choose offshore back office services to assist in their sustained growth and development. Those back-office services serve as the backbone of their companies because it provides support to the front office people.

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12 Important Outsourcing Milestones

The future remains bright for the “World’s BPO Capital” – the Philippines. Over the years, its outsourcing milestones keep getting sturdier and steadier. Although this industry started in the 90s, studies say that it won’t collapse any time soon. However, amidst its forecasted “plateau” due to technological advances, the BPO industry is still escalating.

Now let’s take a trip down to memory lane and learn more about the innovational breakthroughs of the country’s outsourcing industry with the infographic below.


BPO’s starting ground in the 1900s

Some thought that the outsourcing industry started during the early 2000s, however, it has already been around since the 1900s. BPO was then a low-key unstable industry until 1992, Frank Holz set up the first contact centre in the Philippines. It wasn’t until 1997 that the first multinational account was established and over-the-phone customer services were advancing. It was this year which started the remarkable outsourcing milestones that helped raise its value.

The dominance of the Philippine Outsourcing Industry during the 2000s

The early 2000s of the BPO industry was a struggling era. Foreign investors started to build numerous startup outsourcing companies throughout Metro Manila in hopes of making it big. One of these companies was a US-based outsourcing centre who decided to move their operations in the Philippines, providing 8,400 new jobs. It is also the peak of industry revenues that rose up to billions of dollars which helped the country’s struggling economy.

Continuous growth of the Philippine BPO Industry

With thousands of graduates every year, the country’s unemployment rate increases, however, the BPO industry steadily provides job opportunities. A whopping annual growth of 46% contributed to the rise of the country’s GDP during its staggering years.

As of today, there is no stopping this industry that played a huge part in saving the country’s depleting economy.

Want to know more? Learn the basics and gain tips on how to choose the best outsourcing partner.

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Philippines as the Outsourcing Hub of Asia

The Philippines is one of the strongest contenders in the business processing outsourcing industry. Backed with proud years of bagging the title “Outsourcing Hub of Asia”, the country remains immovable towards immense changes.

Meanwhile, the country’s strong Asian contenders are India and China. For a while, India holds the glory as the world’s most performing BPO country as it brags the cheapest fees of all. However, it didn’t last for long as the Philippines continuously proved its competence in the global market. Slowly but steadily, the country gains its momentum once again and soared high. However, success is never gained overnight. Surely, there are factors which affected each and every decision that has ever made.

Here’s how the Philippines became the top BPO destination among foreign investors.


Filipinos as dedicated and hardworking BPO employees

As the outsourcing industry continues to create a big impact on the Philippine economy, more and more Filipinos display their competencies. They wanted to prove that intelligence alone should not be the only deciding factor for employment, most especially when the Philippines is known as the outsourcing hub of Asia.

Now, employers are looking for special characteristics that most probably won’t be taught. Some of these are their dedication and hard work. Most Filipinos believe that hard work will surely pay off once they give it their best shot. They have a certain dedicated mentality that values their job as much as their social affiliations. These characteristics were embedded in the country’s culture ever since and are the same traits that employers prefer for their future employees.

There are more conclusive explanations as to why the Philippines has been dubbed as an ideal BPO country for foreign investors. Listed above are only a few of them. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the Philippines is indeed enough to be called the “Outsourcing Hub of Asia”.

Be more convinced when you read this.

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Perks of Outsourcing Services to the Philippines

On a previous article, we tackled about the reasons why Philippines is the ideal outsourcing destination. Today, we will learn about the benefits of outsourcing services to the Philippines.

Of the numerous outsourcing countries in the world, the Philippines truly stand out. In fact, the country’s BPO industry remains one of the biggest factors that help its economy.

As a result, a massive number of BPO call centres was built in the country. Meanwhile, the same amount of small and medium business enterprises started outsourcing their services.

Aside from lower labour costs, quality staff, infrastructure, and equipment, there are other advantageous perks that you can enjoy when you choose to offshore your services. Listed below is:

Employee flexibility

Filipinos are known for their neutral accents and they can easily learn others if needed. In addition to that, most of those talents are college graduates, and that makes it easier to be taught. Now, establishing your own offshore team in the Philippines creates a greater possibility of employing diversified talents. From several back-office services to other outsourcing services, they sure can handle them all.

Round-the-clock business hours

For your business that never sleeps, running it 24/7 is the solution. When you choose to outsource your services, you won’t have to worry about who will look out for your processes. Even if you’re sleeping or on holiday, your Filipino offshore team can surely take over. Aside from the round-the-clock work, this benefit also improves productivity as it operates overnight.

Less management headaches

One of the busiest department in a business is probably the HR, as they handle people from recruiting up to its everyday performance. Your offshore HR people will be the one to sweat buckets and assure that your team remains well-managed. They will be in charge of your staff benefits, salary, leave credits, and especially legal matters.

Professional work ethics

Filipinos take pride in having one of the best work ethics in the professional industry. They are widely known as hardworking, friendly, hospitable, and sympathetic people who always impress employers. They are also easy to get along with which makes the whole office environment vibe livelier. This impeccable trait is why Filipinos are suitable for jobs that require a lot of customer interaction and coordination.

Now all that’s left is to choose a trustworthy offshore staffing Manila-based company who specialises on your most prized services.

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