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Virtual Assistant – Hire a VA in the Philippines

Here at Here at Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions (DBOS), we offer cost-effective offshore staffing in the Philippines to help increase your company’s productivity without breaking the bank!

Why hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines?

Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) in Australia can cost you around $4,550 monthly in wages on average. But when you hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines who can deliver the same kind of work, you can save a lot more for your business.

 In fact, with our hire-quality virtual assistants and our competitive fixed rates, DBOS can help your business gain up to 70% in savings. 

Partnering with DBOS also eliminates additional costs and alleviates admin pain. Simply tell us what your company needs, and we’ll handle the details of setting up your VA.

     No need to spend resources on allocating extra office space for your VA in the Philippines.

 We provide essential tools such as computer units and access to a stable internet connection.

     We handle paying for healthcare or other benefits.

How can your VA in the Philippines help your business?

Virtual assistants make life easier for you and your onshore staff, giving you more time to focus on your core business operations. Your Virtual Assistant can:

  • Respond to phone calls and emails
  • Schedule meetings and organise your business calendar
  • Make travel arrangements (flights, car rental, accommodation)
  • Prepare spreadsheets, keep online records and other admin tasks
  • Manage your blogs, do market research
  • Be the first point of contact for customer service queries
  • Attend to onshore admin queries

DBOS Is Dedicated To Helping Your Business Grow

Small to medium enterprises try their best to carry on with a small number of employees, thus limiting their productivity. Our team aims to bring affordable offshoring options that improve your cash flow, productivity and overall efficiency.

When you hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines from DBOS, you’ll get a dedicated staff member who will provide the support you need to take your business forward. Whether you’re streamlining your operations or expanding your team to accommodate more customers, our VA in the Philippines can help your business grow.

With our proven track record of satisfied clients, we guarantee that you are given only the finest outsourcing services your money can get.

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