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Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions will connect you with an offshore staff in the Philippines to serve as you quality assurance testers. As your business grows, so does the necessity for computer operations to continue working flawlessly. Your offshore QA testers will make sure your systems are in tip-top shape, at wages three times less than hiring an onshore team. Outsourcing with DBOS levels the playing field between small to medium enterprises and larger scale businesses – an offshore staff increases productivity while improving cash flow through reduced costs and higher revenues. [Read more…]

System performance issues can be a serious liability for any company, and can sometimes fly under your radar. Quality assurance testers are a valuable asset to any business, they are responsible for finding and reporting bugs in your website or operating software, evaluate system specifications, and ensure smooth system operation by running tests cases. Your offshore QA testing team will analyse your website or system’s performance and help you improve it.

DBOS will assist you in finding detail-oriented QA testers to review and help troubleshoot issues in your systems. Hiring an outsourced team with us comes with several advantages: cost reduction, cash flow improvement, and increase in productivity. Offshoring allows you to employ more people without the burden of sky-high expenses. With our fixed seat fee and one-time set-up fee, you can provide your offshore QA testers with the essential tools they need to get the job done. Here at DBOS, we take pride in our integrity as a compaby – no hidden charges, no surprise fees, fee transparency guaranteed.

On average, hiring an onshore QA tester in Australia can cost you up to $ 5,000 per month. For roughly the same price, you can hire more people through DBOS and accomplish tasks faster. Small to medium enterprises try to make do with just a small number of employees manning their operations, limiting the amount of work they can finish on a given amount of time. DBOS aims to change the perception that outsourcing is only available for larger corporations. By offering affordable rates and a wide variety of outsourced services, DBOS can help you rise above your competitors and further develop your business.

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Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions offers professional offshore staffing services tailored-fit to your business’ needs. We offer a free consultation to understand your company’s requirements better and give you the best advice possible or a customised solution to help you. Click below to get an instant quote or reach us today!

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