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Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions aims to help you grow your business by providing you with an outstanding offshore multimedia staff in the Philippines. Our outsourcing services includes connecting you with a talented multimedia artist to generate excellent audio-visual content that will reach out to your audience. Through DBOS, you can save on wage costs without compromising on the quality of output. Start your offshore journey today and partner with us! [Read more…]

Content comes in many types: it can be expressed in writing such as blog posts or articles, it can be expressed in audio through podcasts or audiobooks, or it can be expressed in visual form as with pictures or videos. Having variety in your website can help increase audience engagement. Google, in particular, likes to feature videos on its Search Engine Results Page, which adds to the probability of your content to be featured on SERPs – making it ideal to add different kinds of content in your website so it can bump up your ranks.

Offshoring multimedia content creation services come with a lot of benefits: reduced wages but retaining the quality of output, increased productivity, and risk management in general. Consider, for example, the costs of hiring a multimedia artist in Australia. On average, getting one artist can cost up to $ 4,600 monthly – add to these other expenses such as providing equipment, allocating office space and paying for his or her healthcare. Through partnering with DBOS, we can help eliminate added costs to allow you to save more. With us, you can hire up to three offshore video creators for roughly the same price! In addition, you no longer have to worry about the extra expenses that come with expanding your staff, our fixed seat fee and one-time set-up fee accounts for the necessary tools and a workstation your offshore team requires to get the job done.

Your success is our success, which is why we are dedicated to helping you grow. Through the savings you can get by partnering with us, you can reinvest your funds into further developing your company.

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Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions offers professional offshore staffing services tailored-fit to your business’ needs. We offer a free consultation to understand your company’s requirements better and give you the best advice possible or a customised solution to help you. Click below to get an instant quote or reach us today!

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