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Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions will assist you in finding the right experts to cater to your business needs. Our customised hiring process allows you to tap into a market of highly skilled professionals in the Philippines. With DBOS, you get efficient solutions to help your business grow and an offshore staff that can provide you with quality service you can rely on. [Read more…]

IT Help Desk are indispensable assets in any given organisation, as information today is mostly stored and processed on computers. They install and maintain important network functions, solve any connection problems the company might encounter, and help train users on how to properly use assigned hardware and software. IT Help Desk also manages servers and ensures that data storage operations work smoothly. By partnering with DBOS, we can help you find the right offshore staff to operate and sustain your communication systems. That’s three times more people working on your servers and boosting your company’s productivity. Your offshore team of IT Help Desk will help maintain your network functions for lower wages and less hassle.

Choosing an offshore team to handle your network and communication systems can save you a lot of money, cutting your wage costs up to 70%. On average, an IT help desk in Australia can cost you up to $ 5,300 a month. For the same price, you can already hire three offshore staff members through our outsourcing services to help you maintain your system operations.

Outsourcing with DBOS brings added benefits that can help you further develop your company. Aside from reduced wage costs, you can also save from other expenses that come with hiring an onshore systems administrator. Extra costs such as allocating additional office space to accommodate your new staff, providing equipment, and paying for your employee’s healthcare can put a strain on your budget, especially for small to medium enterprises who are trying to get a smaller staff. By offshoring with DBOS, you won’t need to worry about these, as our fixed seat fee and one-time set-up fee provides your outsourced staff with all the tools and their own workstation to get the job done.

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