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Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions will connect you with insurance back office professionals by helping you build an offshore team in the Philippines. Our premium outsourced staffing options ensure you get the best bang for your buck, by offering cost-effective rates and aiding you in finding offshore experts who can deliver high-quality output. DBOS aims to aid you in further developing your business through customised staffing services you can rely on. [Read more…]

Your insurance back office staff can take care of key responsibilities such as underwriting, creating financial reports and customer support. With such niche expertise, you can train your offshore team to handle more specific tasks to cater better to your business’ needs. Outsourcing insurance back office also improves risk management, since experts are on the job, there is a reduced probability of errors or failure to meet deadlines.

Hiring an outsourced insurance back office team introduces several benefits that contribute to your company’s development and success. With labour costs significantly cheaper, our reasonable rates can save you up to 70% on wages. In Australia, one insurance back office specialist can cost you around $ 5,400 per month on average. For the same price, DBOS can get you three insurance support experts who can deliver the same quality of work – guaranteeing you an increase in productivity and freeing up your onshore team so they can focus on core business operations instead.

In-office insurance back office staff can also mean additional costs that can put a strain on your budget, especially for small to medium enterprises who are trying to make do with a smaller staff. Expenses such as supplementary provisions like allocating extra office space, equipment, other operational costs, and paying for health care can easily be eliminated with offshoring. Here at DBOS, our fixed seat fee and one time set-up fee already accounts for the essential tools and space your outsourced team needs.

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