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Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions promotes globalisation by allowing you to hire an offshore team in the Philippines to handle your key HR outsourcing responsibilities. With our offshore staffing options and collaborative hiring process, you can tap into a wide market of talents and create a customised team to help you manage your onshore operations. By partnering with DBOS, you get high-quality output at a fraction of a cost! [Read more…]

A large staff can put unnecessary strain on your human resources department, not to mention the enormous cost that comes with maintaining a large number of onshore employees. This can be very troubling for small to medium enterprises, especially those that try to get by with a small staff in order to avoid higher expenses. DBOS aims to level the playing field by offering convenient and affordable staffing options for businesses of any scale – whether it be a small, medium or large enterprise.

DBOS can connect you with highly skilled human resources professionals to handle important departmental tasks such as processing the payroll or employee records information, take care of enquiries, and manage company benefits or compensation. An outsourced HR staff can free up your onshore team of added responsibilities and admin pain, increasing their productivity and efficiency. Hiring an outsourced staff also improves risk management, because having experts doing the work minimises the possibility of committing errors or failure to meet deadlines and expectations.

Since offshore staffing reduces wage costs, the cheaper labour expenses in the Philippines enables you to save a lot of money – that’s funds you can use to reinvest in growing your business. Our fixed seat fee and one-time set-up fee accounts for the essential tools and personal workstation your offshore staff needs to perform their work, compared to hiring onshore which requires you to spend more on allocating extra office space, providing equipment, and paying for healthcare. Unlike other BPO companies, DBOS prides itself on its integrity when it comes to fee transparency – no hidden charges and no surprise fees.

Here at DBOS, we are dedicated to helping you succeed. We make outsourcing an affordable option for a broader clientele, so you can improve your operations without breaking your bank account.

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