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Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions will help connect you with an offshore staff in the Philippines to cater to your accounting needs. DBOS will provide you outsourced accounting experts to do your bookkeeping and other financial or accounting processes. Our fixed rates guarantee savings that could aid you in further developing your business and bring you increased revenue. [Read more…]

Outsourced finance and accounting services have been dubbed to be one of the top growing industries – with various companies relying on offshore staff to handle their transactional or financial and accounting processes like managing accounts payable, or non-transactional roles such as financial analysis. In general, hiring an offshore team provides businesses better control over their cash flow and improve their core operations by freeing up their onshore staff of additional labour. But through partnering with DBOS, outsourcing to the Philippines for your accounting services bring extra benefits that work in your company’s favour.

In Australia for example, hiring an accountant can cost you around $ 4,600 monthly on average. With the same budget, you can get at least three offshore accountants – all without worrying about additional office space, paying for your employee’s healthcare, or adding strain to your HR manager. With DBOS, your offshore staff is already taken care of (all essential tools such as a computer unit, access to a stable internet connection, and their own workstation is already provided) and can be further trained by you to better fit your company’s needs. Our lower wage rates ensure that you are saving at least 70% of your average wage costs onshore.

Offshoring accounting services also introduce advantages such as better risk management with experts handling your financial transactions, there is a reduced probability of encountering errors, inability to meet deadlines or system failures. At DBOS, our fixed seat fee and set-up fee ensures your offshore team is well-equipped with everything they need – no hidden charges or suprise fees, transparency guaranteed. Your reliable outsourced accountants in the Philippines can deliver the same quality of work as an onshore staff – all for lower wages, allowing you to re-invest your savings into upscaling your business.

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