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The perfect additional income stream for self-motivated, results-focused Professionals.

You can earn sales commission per staff, per account, giving you more opportunity to earn more! The bigger the account, the higher your commission is!

We will teach you everything you need to know about the outsourcing/BPO industry and on how to sell our custom outsourcing solutions to your network. 


We made it very simple! You just sign up, learn about the industry, our company, our services and how you can sell our customised outsourcing solutions to your network. What’s even better is you just need to spread the word and we will take care of closing the deal. And then, you’ll get paid! 

Signing up for the program is totally free. You only have to invest your time and passion for selling. You need to learn enough about the industry, and our outsourcing solutions so that you can easily resell them. Once you’ve signed up and been vetted, we will provide you with our complete sales kit which has all the information about the company and our services. Plus, one-on-one training with our in-house experts.

Our Customised Outsourcing Solutions — you have to find out the most significant challenges of a company and customise a staffing model to address their needs. Whether it’s customer support, back-office, web/software development or design. There are over 30 roles across many industries that you can browse to get ideas.

Unlike other similar Reseller/Referral program, you can make money per seat and you can earn $300 USD. This means if you bring in a client who signed up for three staff, you will earn $900; giving you more opportunity to earn a higher commission. So this can be an extremely profitable income stream if you land us a bigger account.

It’s totally up to you! Of course, you need to put in some time and effort, in the beginning, to learn about the outsourcing industry, and how we operate as a company. Then you can decide for yourself how much time do you need to make successful referrals.

Once the client has paid their first invoice, you’ll get your sales commission within 30 days via electronic wire transfer, directly into your bank account. You can get your commission based on the number of the initial staff of the client upon signing the contract. Please check our full pay-out terms and conditions here.

For any questions, please send an email to [email protected]
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