Training & QA Officer

The primary responsibilities of the Training and QA officer are to onboard the new hires and conduct communication and product training by sharing best practices as well as to ensure that the representatives are well equipped on the production.

He/She will also check the quality of the call, product knowledge, and processes to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the results of the interaction, and the call is done professionally.


  • Coordinate with the management regarding onboarding of the representative/s
  • Conduct communication and product knowledge training via online or physically
  • Produce draft designs and diagrams according to the given specification
  • Prepare agents by conducting training for sales, or service processes; develop individual coaching plans; provide resources and assistance
  • Ensure all scripts, processes and training documents are up to date and make changes if required
  • Perform mock calls with new hires post-training to determine readiness for moving into production floor
  • Create and update processes and manuals on a regular basis and as needed
  • Plan, conduct, and implement a comprehensive training program for staff
  • Endorse qualified representatives to LOB and clients
  • Accomplish 30 to 90 days performance evaluation
  • Analyse and audit calls, emails, data, and customer surveys to identify areas of service delivery that did not meet pre-established performance standards or policies.
  • Provide structured and timely recommendations based on data and analysis
  • Use tools and data to analyse trends or patterns affecting quality and productivity
  • Verify sales and productivity results or data
  • Report any breach or deviation from standards and policies including action plans
  • Develop and conduct targeted group coaching sessions or one on one coaching to address service quality deficiencies and/or improvement opportunities
  • Collaborate with team members to identify and streamline processes and implement process standards that enhance service delivery and customer experience
  • Schedule and conduct orientation for new hires and ongoing training
  • Determine training needs based on call monitoring and analysis of data and conduct training for staff
  • Review policies and procedures
  • Continuous support across all teams
  • Provide assistance to the teams that lack resources / manpower or as need arises
  • Be cross-trained and updated with all processes

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Solid experience as a Training Officer in a BPO setup for a minimum of 3-5 years
  • Experience in QA and monitoring call is preferably
  • Must have previous background in AU/NZ Customer Service campaigns
  • Experience using CRMs and dialers like FreshDesk/FreshChat
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal, written and presentation skills)
  • Strong experience in analyzing business data and creating reports
  • Multi-tasking and critical thinking abilities