Save up to 70% on your labour cost with our back office services

DBOS provides custom-built back office support solutions to small, medium and large companies across many industries, giving you access to premium talents in the Philippines to fulfil your business’ needs. Our goal is not only to help your bottom line but also free up funds for growth and expansion.

What back office roles do you need help with?

Choosing to outsource back-office support has helped businesses to cut costs and focus on core business activities. The back-office roles that we normally provide include but not limited to:

virtual assistant

These highly-skilled professionals are the ultimate multi-taskers. They make your work life easier by helping your business run more efficiently.

accountant/ bookkeeper

In Australia for example, hiring an accountant can cost you around $4,600 monthly on average. With the same budget, you can get at least three offshore accountants.

HR support Officer

An outsourced HR staff can free up your onshore team of added responsibilities and admin pain, increasing their productivity and efficiency. 

insurance claims officer

In Australia, one insurance back office specialist can cost you around $ 5,400 per month on average. For the same price, DBOS can get you three insurance support experts who can deliver the same quality of work.

Other back office positions available upon request

Get a cost estimate for your outsourced staff in the Philippines. Grab a copy of our salary guide.

Benefits of Back Office Outsourcing

  • Reduce overhead costs by $20,000 to $40,000 per staff, per year.
  • We build our clients their own dedicated team that reports to them directly.
  • Remove a variety of repetitive, time-consuming functions on your plate and bring the focus back on the core functions of your business.
  • Custom-built to a broad range of expertise across most industries. 
  • Flexible options from 1 staff to 50+, with the ability to scale up or down.
  • Client maintains Intellectual Property and process control.

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What our Top Clients Say About DBOS?

My attitude has changed dramatically and it is the claims team that turned me around. Their knowledge and skills continue to increase. Great job, Jacqui and DBOS!
Amanda Fitzimmons
Claims Manager | Alpha Group of Companies
We've been with DBOS for almost a year now, and they continue to deliver outstanding support and service. We started with just two staff which has now grown to eight with more growth planned in the future. They keep getting better at what they do and they genuinely care about our staff and our business. We definitely chose the right outsourcing partner.
Shaun Musa
COO | DKG Insurance Brokers
The DBOS Team are invested in helping PD achieve business outcomes that drive profitable growth and have a genuine desire to see us succeed as a fast low-cost car insurer. This alignment makes it a very sustainable business partnership.
Simon Lindsay
Managing Director | Progressive Direct