Community Moderation and Management

Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions offers premium staffing for you to find the best community managers to help you raise brand awareness and attract more potential customers towards your business. We will help connect you with highly skilled professionals dedicated to growing your brand and engaging with your audience. With DBOS, you can access highly skilled offshore Community Managers in the Philippines without breaking your bank account! [Read more…]

Community Managers work hand in hand with your marketing department. They create a separate online personality through social media and interact with your audience on a more personal level—raising brand awareness by targeting people who are not yet aware of your products or services and endorse it to them. Community Managers serve as the human connection between your brand and your audience, encouraging people and directing them towards your website, specific content, or even storefronts.

Hiring an onshore community manager in Australia can cost you up to three times compared to offshore ones—that’s three times the staff you can hire for the same price! Since a community manager’s job consists of online tasks, outsourcing does not hamper efficiency. Instead, outsourcing introduces extra benefits that make it preferable over hiring onshore community managers. Offshoring eliminates expenses of setting up additional office spaces to cater to your staff, simply paying a fixed seat fee is enough. DBOS will provide your offshore staff with the essential tools they need to perform their jobs—including a workstation, computer unit, and a stable internet connection.

Your success is our success too, which is why we are dedicated to helping you achieve your maximum potential by helping you cut wage costs so you can re-invest your savings into growing and further developing your business! Our customised hiring process allows you to select only the best people fit for the job and improving your brand: we will do the pre-selection and let you choose our top prospects, who can then be trained by you according to your standards. By partnering with DBOS, you are sure-fire a qualified offshore staff tailored-fit to your company’s needs—a simpler yet guaranteed fix to your branding woes.

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Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions offers professional offshore staffing services tailored-fit to your business’ needs. We offer a free consultation to understand your company’s requirements better and give you the best advice possible or a customised solution to help you. Click below to get an instant quote or reach us today!

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Community Moderation and Management
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